DEVit,  the 360° International Web Development Conference hosted on 15th of May in Thessaloniki, Greece  is on the top of this month calendar for techies and MiiPharos will rock the venue with the iBeacon technology, providing an advanced conference experience to participants & many gifts.

What’s special with this conference?

Some of the top international speakers, including Christian Heilmann – HTML5/ Open Web Evangelist of Microsoft, Benny Weingarten – Gabbay – Engineer of Ebay,  Ian Miell – Docker/ OpenShift of Barclays and more, are speaking for the latest trends and techniques of Frontend, Backend, Development Operations & Security. In one day over than 300 participants will get the opportunity to interact with the technology community, face the challenges of today’s rapidly growing technology sectors & meet the “specialists”.

MiiPharos as  premium sponsor will introduce the iBeacon & Bluetooth Low Energy technology under the umbrella of MiiPharos Proximity Marketing Platform to developers community. Participants can interact with MiiPharos Beacons, (portable bluetooth sensors) and get the whole story, insights and gift coupons of the conference on their smartphones’ screens.

What makes MiiPharos different from any other conference experience solution is Proximity and Pesonalization. This is how iBeacon works, explains Dimitris Theos – Head of Mobile Development Operations of MiiPharos, and adds: Our technology combines Bluetooth Low Energy with Mobile Apps under the auspices of Ultra Personalization Marketing. That turns MiiPharos an ideal solution for the Digital Marketer and for all proximity based Apps and Solutions.

Who doesn’t enjoy presents and surprises?  This conference comes with some special gifts for participants in order to have a first touch with MiiPharos technology. $50 discount coupons for all, additional $100 coupons to lucky developers, and lots of free MiiPharos Kits for some luckier ones but the most impressive…

A free ticket for Web Summit “the best technology conference on the planet” happening in Dublin this November, as MiiPharos actively supports & invests in startups and entrepreneurs.