Scalable pricing that fits your business needs.

Start free. Pay as your shoppers become more engaged.

You will get 50.000 interactions, enough to start growing.

Enter the era of in-store marketing & analytics with miipharos API and integrate it with an existing or a new mobile application. Connect the physical with digital world and create new opportunities for your clients.

  • Essentials
    $150/ monthly
    • 1.000.000 interactions
    • unlimited users
    • email support
    • annual billing
  • Advanced
    $400/ monthly
    • 5.000.000 interactions
    • unlimited users
    • dedicated support
    • annual billing
  • Premium
    $900/ monthly
    • 10.000.000 interactions
    • unlimited users
    • dedicated support
    • annual billing
  • Ultimate
    $-/ -
    • 20.000.000 interactions
    • unlimited users
    • dedicated support
    • flexible pricing

Take a look at these frequent asked questions.

What interaction stands for?

An interaction is counted every time you track an event with MiiPharos. When a shopper views a location based offer or enters a store is counted as an interaction. Miipharos will never charge you for interactions that don’t relate with it’s core functionalities.

What if I exceed my monthly plan limit?

When you exceed your interactions limit we will not stop running our services. You will receive an automatic mail of plan limit exceeding and we will upgrade you automatically to the next available plan, billed only for the remaining days or an extra fee will occur. We will charge you with the most inexpensive way.

How can I choose the right plan?

We have designed our plan in order to meet the needs of any business size. When considering to choose a plan take into consideration some important factors, including: avg. number of monthly shoppers, number of campaigns running on a monthly basis, number of physical locations and the shopper tracking points (e.g. corridors, aisle) within a location/store.

Example 10.000 active shoppers * 5 campaigns * 10 stores * 5 shopper tracking points = 2,5 Million Interactions

They trust us.

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