Case Study: War Museum of Thessaloniki interactive guidance

War Museum of Thessaloniki in partnership with MiiPharos launched an interactive guidance project by taking advantage the iBeacon technology and TripAdvisor review services.

Visitors walking in the museum came up with information of exhibits, including: text, video & voice, and learned the hidden history behind relics.

Navigation and positioning services with iBeacon prove to have an extreme accuracy indoor or in multiple floors while GPS or other location services lack of this functionality.¬†Museum’s mobile application helped visitors navigate in the museum, while tracking their position in real-time and triggering useful information on their smartphones screens.

The synchronisation with social media and TripAdvisor review services allowed users to share multimedia content with their friends and with just a tap to write a review in the leading review travel website. War Museum of Thessaloniki increased it’s international visiting rate by capitalising on the mobile marketing campaign and managed to reach on the top 5 museums in TripAdvisor’s list.